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One Sided LoveThought

bella's @isabella_25

Wish i was enough!
Without an expired or manufacturing date.
Enough to submerge and survive,
Enough to blink and smile.
Enough to complete a circle of life,
Enough to start and end every thought in your mind.
Enough to garnish the bad days.
Wish my actions and efforts doesn’t be for the past tense,
Or lay as some remembrance.
I wonder in my thoughts, have i done enough to prevail in your thoughts?
But a few steps or long miles i walk,
I could never hit the clock.
Wish i was a choice thn any other random option, like the tug of war between two.
Now i wish I’d loose, thn at least someone could be more than enough for you.
I wish i was enough too!🥀

2 replies

Mind blowing 🙂

bella's @isabella_25

Thank you!


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