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Wish i could cry it all out, but i can’t.And thats the problem. I dont know why i tried to cry, but tears qont fall down. Does anyone feel the same.

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kiddoo @kiddo

Hey👋. Manh i thought i was the only one.
Hope you are doing okay.

Nusrat @vaishnavi00118

Same things happened with me also then I went to a dr. He gave me some stress reliever and anti anxiety meds. As time passed my condition improved automatically… Hope you will find your way of healing… All the best.

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kiddoo @kiddo

I hope someday. Thnakyou

Zak Puckett @ztothephour

Ill come across songs that give me a sense of the emotion i dont have words for, seems to help but idk

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kiddoo @kiddo

I tried but it doesn’t help. I just sit under the shower for a long time.

Zak Puckett @ztothephour

Same. Ive had people wonder if im alive in there. “Its the place people are supposed to leave me alone”… small house with obliviously intrusive ignorance, they dont deserve what i reactively want to say, the build up bottle necks sometimes.

Zak Puckett @ztothephour

Try the album by Rishloo, eidolon.

It helps me some with that righteous anger feeling

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kiddoo @kiddo

Yeah for sure.


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