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Will you marry a guy who had affair with a married woman for past 10-12 years?
Even when that lady had a baby in mid of that affair he couldn’t leave her. Even after knowing that lady was sleeping with other people too he couldn’t get over her completely.
Had on and off conversations with her.
Now he says he regret all that but should i believe him?
I believed him first but now i am not sure as she is his neighbour too at his natives. I have been dating him only for past 6 months.I dont if i should leave him for this or not

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You have to take that call. Rest of people can only do random guess in these cases. It best you sort it clearly as it’s a marriage. Leave the guy if you are not comfortable.

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Jiya @jiyaaaaa

What’s your instinct is saying? Believe that, because we don’t know the guy or either you, you only know yourself and him, also please don’t be emotional, think practically because you are going to live with him whole life, and you should not regret about it!

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Vrinda Gupta @vrindagupta

Maybe it is a signal from god, but before taking any steps, think twice because marriage is not a small thing, and if any mistake you did, you have only option left that will be regret. So think, twice sis 🥰

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Marriage is just not word. Its a lot of work from both person. Are you sure if you move ahead knowing about his past situation you’ll be fine in future? Will it make you insecure in future? Would you have doubts on him?? Would this feeling let you live peacefully??

Since you asked a question will you marry this guy, i definitely won’t. Everyone has past and mistakes but this is something I can’t forget. We are talking about marriage here it’s life long commitment and I need to feel secure. Maybe he’s changed maybe he’s not but I can’t deal with this. I know this can create so many problems in marriages. And i deserve to be happy for real. I can do better. I’ve got other problems and im not gonna jump into this big hole for sure.


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