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random @thelostone

Will you be my date tonight?
Let’s pretend those stars in the sky
Belong to us like that golden shine
On your dress and how i love it
When you call me mine
The day i first connected to you
I didn’t know quite how
Will you become my daily sunrise
As i smile and wake up from my bed
Thinking of you with closed eyes
Someday, maybe i will get to see you
And believe in your innocent smile
For now, I don’t really mind
Listening to your bad days or
Lonely vibes
Trust me, i think of you
Whenever someone asks me
How was my day
I say it’s not good if I haven’t talked to you yet
And if i did, it’s better than okay,
Lastly, when i chose you
To be the melody that rhymes
With my smile, i think
I found my muse
So would you let me just
Be with you tonight?
This loneliness is eating me up
While you are the only one
Who makes me feel peaceful at times.

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