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Himanshu ji @himanshu_69


I want to leave my smart phone. And I  I want to use Jio phone primer which  which is a keypad phone and at the same time it works as a smartphone for WhatsApp and YouTube so it will be very convenient to me as I will not be edited to the Reels which may help for not releasing  dopamine at peak and I will not feel for 60 seconds  what is happening in the real like someone is educating someone is promoting something someone is talking about something and someone is sharing devotional things
  show my mind get confused what to do in life and to think about some particular event or thoughts for 15 to 20 minutes I just ignore every thing  and get glued to the phone for 3 to 4 hours and it’s just waste of time because I don’t do nothing productive

 But what will happen if I quit my phone like I will be disconnected to the people but I don’t think Manage the relationships on social media I am just a passive scrooler I think and it killed my creative man

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Himanshu ji @himanshu_69

Bhai jo log smartphone pe tick kar rhe h kripya karke uske uses bhi likh do taki m samaj jaau q likha h


I can totally relate your thoughts, I was addicted, or hooked to reels… on Instagram, on YouTube and also on Snapchat… it killed my time like crazy… night time… was consumed by reels… as my mind though that it needs some me time.

My productivity at work dropped, concentrations issues started, had brain fogs.

Realising this, I turned on screen time on all the apps that I am hooked to. And set it to 15 minutes… if I cross the 15 minutes… I stopped on any app that I was hooked on to.

Slowly… I reduced my usage… it was not easy… it took me 3 months… later… I uninstalled Instagram… which I felt as toxic. And YouTube and snap chat still remains… at 15 minutes per day.

It’s tough… but screen time on a smart phone can help.


May be it’s your mind that is asking you to struggle. Or suggesting a tough decision. Get it checked.


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