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Will I ever get love? Broken others heart and got mine heart broken too several times. I dated few guys. Once was in a serious relationship. Here I am a 30 year old female. Will I ever get love again? Rather the kind I want? Will anyone love me to get married or everyone just wants a time pass. I am now at the edge. It’s too hard to be alone now. Searched for love but yet failed again and again.

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Someday that person will come trust me. Don’t lose hope. I’m not there for someone just for time pass, I’ve always wanted a real thing and a forever thing. I don’t believe what this generation believes about love and you’ll find someone one day


You kniw there 7 steps in love
Attraction Dilkashi
Infatuation Uns
Love Ishq
Reverence Akidat
Worship Ibadat
Obsession Junoon
And death Maut


I think u never crossed the second one.
Love is very common sense. You just to choose a person to whom u feel attracted n infatuated. After that start judging him… That whether he will stand wd u for whole life. Thn start trusting him. The process after infatuation to trust is love.
But generally people… Start looking for compatibility n all.
They believe that… Compatibility n practicality matters more than emotions n love.
When u will be looking for practicality n compatibility thn it will be just a compromise… Not love.


Have you tried to introspect why you’re failing in love so much? Maybe sometimes the problem hides within us. Try to introspect yourself, find the nooks for yourself, and love yourself, give that love to yourself which you find from others. Once you understand what love actually is, you’ll definitely win in love


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