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For Me @sasshmitha

Will I am a high schooler (Frist year) I scored very will in all subjects especially in social science/social studies whatever you class them.Will here is the matter I failed in my math exam .

Which I didn’t expect because I do maths very will I didn’t know how to start the chat with my mom about this

Frist thing she will not believe that I failed in math 😶 .

What to do

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See, it’s okay it has happened now, there’s no going back. Just start a casual conversation about your results, tell her that in every subject you performed well, but in maths you weren’t able to perform well as in failed in maths, tell her that you tried but failed, but you’ll give your 100% next time.

For Me @sasshmitha

This might help.Tq

Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

You gotta talk to her sooner or later… The thing is you are sad on your own so when you tell her that you failed in math’s, try to express your sadness about that and then instead of scolding she’ll understand your situation and will support you through your bad…
All the best for your future buddy🤍🖤

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For Me @sasshmitha

Well she might understand

Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

Yesss she will understand. She’s your own mother. She will🤍


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