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Why we so feel alone even though you are in crowd or with your friends, sometimes I feel like no one understands me… I always there when someone needs me…but no one is with me when I need someone by my side…feels like I left alone

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Remember that all these are just feelings and this shall pass too. Soon you’ll meet people who’s gonna understand you. Just hang on there. Until then, get comfortable alone, do all the things you loved as child, try your favorite snack may be. Do something that would make you smile. ❤✨

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I feel you. It happens sometimes and it rarely happens that everyone understands us. But no you’re not left alone, just because the people whom you were there for didn’t do the same for you, its their loss not yours that they aren’t being with such a gem like you. Maybe not today but someday you will get someone who will value you. Don’t limit yourself to some people, there will be alot of people who will be lucky to have you. And if you feel alone just talk here. Don’t forget you’re special 💛

Shashidhar @shashidhar117

Yes I feel you!
You shouldn’t change because some selfish never cared for you.
Be the same good person and do the same good things.
Never feel lonely!! We all are here to talk and share moments.
Feel free to ping me or anyone here to talk and remove loneliness feeling.
Keep smiling 😃
Trust me good deeds sowed never go wasted. You will get a understanding person for sure.


Pta nhi main tmhe feeling ko smjh rha hun ya nhi pr main apna opinion apne according kr rha hun yeshi ya galat ho skta hai i dont know -
1 - Understndng- apne aap ko express kro jo bhi tmhe shi lgta hai bhle samne wala jo bhi soche wo tmhara kam nhi hai ki wo kya sochta hai
2 Need - unke sath contact m rho jo tmhari feeling aur tmhe help krte hai unse 5-10 baat kro ar , tmhe apni life ko to aage bdana hi hoga

In sb ka ek solution hai dosti aur surrounding unhi k sath rho jo tmhe help krte ho smjhte ho, aur tm bhi mutual help kro baat khtm

Rhi baat Dosti yaari, Smajwad, accha banane, woo sb rkne k aur bhi trike hai
Phle apne a/c rho ji tmhe shi lgta hai - aur jo tmhe shi kgta hai wo change bhi hota hoga to jb change hoga to apne aap ko bhi change kr lena

Phle apne feeling ki value kro - usme khush rhoge to aage k6 kr paoge


Thou Many are there… We still feel lonely… Because we just try to find that one person… That one thing… Which can’t be found in everyone…


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