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Why to live with all these types of people? When nobody can really connect with you in deep level why to believe in this ??? Why???

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If someone can give me the proper reason and answer then , only reply me, otherwise help those who are shame on the name of HUMANS…😠😠

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Simran @st1199

There are people who have the same level of understanding and they click very well. But to make this work in the long time it requires efforts and understanding/listening to what they are saying.

You don’t find these overnight or it gets connected in a day or two. It requires time, patience and trying to be on the same page. Having the same level of thought process, understanding the other person, point of view and what they are able to communicate through their words and most importantly are you able to know what are they going to say next or going to react.

It doesn’t have a proper explanation as it depends from person to person. And to be clear, just because you don’t connect to someone doesn’t necessarily mean they are a SHAME. Its just your experience with somebody that has let you down and you are feeling angry about it.


After donig so much for them , I only get betryal from all of them…why shouldn’t I ??


If there was one, it would have been understandable, but I have had every person with them in their bad times, handled them in their difficult time, but no, they just had their own, when they get out of trouble, who are you and who are we ? So is this humanity ??

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Simran @st1199

I am sorry to hear that everyone has hurt you. :(
You only get hurt when you get attached too much. One should only do that when they know they are good for you, will be there for you.

If you being an emotional person gets attached or flows away too easily then its the time to gear up and look as to for whom work is to be done and who should be let on their own.

Once you make your decisions/choice, and for the right person, then you would get less disappointed in humans. Honestly, there are people out there who are more selfish compared to people who care for you. Just see the difference with time and not in a hurry. It will get better. :)


Yes, I know about it, that’s why I distanced myself from everyone, now I thought maybe I will be a little relaxed by staying away from them all. But the opposite is that, the years of anger inside me are drawing out the anger. If I get triggered even a little, then I cannot handle myself, all that anger, hatred, jealousy, buried in me, comes out. It had not happened for the last 1 year, I had a lot of control over myself, maybe this world does not want to see me happy, now I get triggered by everything. If you too have gone through the same situation, then tell me, how did you regain control over yourself, because due to this emotion, many times I want to commit suicide, but I never let suicide ever dominate the mind, Because I know I came here for something special.

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Simran @st1199

Okay so this is why you are feeling this way. Now I can better tell you.
Since you are letting your emotions buried inside you, it is eating you from the inside and you don’t know how to get rid of that.
It is okay to distance for sometime and let you enjoy the whole you. Taking out time only for yourself.

I have not gone through this phase but I do have times when I feel low and wish to ignore everything and move forward. The ONLY thing that helps me even today is by overcoming my emotions. I sit with it, I let it dominate my mind, I cry, I think why I am feeling this way, I let everything flow for once and all and after that I feel light. Once you do that you do have answers for your problems (yes it helps, try if you already haven’t).

Suicide isn’t a solution. Only you are taking your life but you are affecting your family as well, your mother who gave you birth, your father who earns for you and your close ones. It’s great that you don’t let it overpower your mind.


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