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Aishwariya @aishwariya

Why the hell is life so hard…why do we have to struggle in everything we do…why cant i control my emotions …its so frustrating…i had worked so hard but what the use…no questions came from their…it happens every fucking time…when i study i wont get an easy paper…whats the use of studying…i want to cry so much …i wish i was in hostel atleast i could have cried but here i cant even do that…i know this isnt a big thing but m so frustrated right now…i know that i cant undo it but i cant help it. I wish it was that easy to control what we feel . My head is aching i want to prepare for next exam but i cant concentrate . I feel stuck…i just cant…i feel writing out could make feel any better. Why is my luck alwys this bad. I feel so helpless and hopeless. I wish i had atleast a friend whom i could call and cry but i have no one this close.

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Sumit @0367

I m feeling exactly same what you going through when we devoted our precious time to something but don’t get results it is so hard to handle this situation every time and it make next effort slow and demotivate us. But the fact is it is gone and we are not achieved what we wanted we have no choices apart from move on… It is exactly the same as we were cheated by someone very badly.and felt like we are is not only exam it is test of us by God checking our potential in this time only in our hand is to prepare for the another time or leave it.we can’t leave our goal so easily so we are left with prepare for the next battle. Have faith in you and God, try at once there is always hope for a good.
All the best my friend.

Aishwariya @aishwariya

Yeah thank you so much…i was very upset that day…but sometimes we all have to go through such situations…the other exam which i had no hopes went really good…so i know its just a matter of time…some days are good some are not…having hope will surely help us to move ahead and not giveup

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Sumit @0367

Yes you look confident now… Keep moving towards your goa… All the best


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