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Why some best friends leave us without saying & sharing anything to whom we are very attached.
They started behave like strangers to us suddenly & never came back to us.

When we ask them what happened answer is “nothing all good”

Long text & call are now " ok, hmm, thik hai "

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Ujjwal @ubrdj

Most likely because their part in the story of your life is over and this happens with everyone…Real friends never leave you alone and care for you without your knowledge…Those who left have made room for the new people whom you deserve to have in your life!!
Take care and don’t overthink

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Thanks 😄


I can truly relate to you , and have been searching for this answer since long and can’t say why people behave stranger but now I think the truth is hard to beleive but it’s that we were never truly good friends , it was just time which brought as to spend some time which made me think we are friends , and they really never cared then and then don’t care now , just that now we are not together so this thing suddenly hit us . Maybe they didn’t like me , my personality and we were different to be friends for a long term or inside their head they always hated something about you even when you do thousand good things which is hard for us to believe but it’s true . They won’t be this sensitive because they are not the ones who felt the pain.

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Ujjwal @ubrdj

It isn’t mandatory that you’ll finish every race in life with everyone you started with… some people will be left behind(you may meet some later in life) and new people will join up… Don’t be disheartened with the additions and deletions, try and learn from everyone (not just what you want to be but also what you don’t want to be)Tc and enjoy your journey!!


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