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Long Distance RelationshipThought


Why moving on is soo difficult. You love him he loves you but priority are different. Then you part ways.
In relationship, you are not happy always missing him always Missing that valued time with him. And after breakup, you still miss him badly.
What is this… This is soo depressing. At night it feels like to cry like a baby for hours and hours.

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Hello, My friend,
Nowadays we really used the word “love” the most because maybe we have forgotten the real meaning of it. If you really love someone there wont be anything called breakup. Do our parents ever say lets breakup? No, right. Why? Because they love us no matter what, how we are. They spend the maximum amount of time to make you grow but they don’t expect anything in return because they love you unconditionally. Try loving someone unconditionally, without having any expectation, you will never get hurt because you will accept him as he is. Even if he uses you, you wont leave him because that’s what love is all about. Many time we don’t pick our parents call or we just lie to our parents, do you think they don’t understand all this… They do but still they stick around with us. Try to love like a parent for once, you will understand the beauty of love then. Hope it will help you realise.


But loving someone who is not loving you the same way. Is it correct?


See who are we to judge anyone whether he is correct or not and if someone is really there is something called Karma for them . Have faith in God, he is not biased so better not to take these judgements in our hands. If you love someone you will just love him no matter what.Just look at your parents once, it will be enough to understand true love. We children misbehave soo much with them but do they leave us or do they say this is not fair because as a parents am giving all my life for you but you as a kid are not loving me equally… Hope it will help


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