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Why it is so difficult to move on !!!why people we love can’t love us back! I love a boy who was my childhood friend .He used to date my friend !! I confessed my feelings to him things went bad they broke up because of me ! He hates me now ! It has been 3 years we haven’t talked to each other …but this 3 years were so difficult for me Still I can’t stop thinking about him !I am always dream about us being together …I tried to date and hooked up with a guy just to erase his memories a way to move on …Eventually he left me as we couldn’t get along as I still got
feelings for him that gave me one more wound!! After 3 years I got to know he is dating one of my good friend …It feels like somebody is killing me making cuts on my body whenever I see them together …It is hard to avoid them !!the way he loving her adoring her is affecting me!I should be happy for them but I can’t imagine myself with any other guys…He is the only one for me idk why I can’t vibe with any other guy!!

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Girl stay strong!!


Well I think you should have waited until they broke up before you confessed your feelings that way you’d have a better chance


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