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sneha shet @snehashet9

Why is it that we crave human connection so much?

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The Edits @savagely_yours

Because we are humans… We are social animals… So we need a society/ Human contact to stay sane

sneha shet @snehashet9

It’s damn painful unless it’s fulfilled. Idk why I’m complaining

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Just @king17

It mesmerises us…we actually crave for a hand of trust, feelings and a human connection fulfills all of these.

It doesn’t distinguish between a man or a woman that human connection can be of anyone trustworthy.

sneha shet @snehashet9

It’s just makes me mad for not being self sufficient

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Just @king17

You are self sufficient trust yourself.Nobody is like you…life is not a platform to prove your capabilities,God has given you life to live it in a best way,the way that makes you happy.Do whatever you wanna do, whatever makes you feel good.

Bcoz at the end bhagwan ko kya bologi main Khushi se jee nhi paayi Kyuki i wasn’t self sufficient.Live a life in a way so that finally when you meet god you can say…abhi kyu bula liyaa aapne mujhe,itna toh mazaa aa raha tha jeene mein.🤗


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