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why is it that sometimes i get super pissed off by the presence of my own family? sometimes i’ll be by myself and they come and interrupt my peace. it makes me mood 10x worse . i try my best to be a nice sibling but it’s hard to be nice all the time. i know they just wanna spend time with me or tell my about an interest they have but i get angry for no good reason. i feel so mean.


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It’s ok don’t feel bad but try not to get pissed off. One day you may miss all of this. I don’t have any real brother or sister so my cousins and my family are my everything. However, I wasn’t like this. As a child then as a teen I used to feel irritated at smallest of things. For eg., one day my cousins wanted to play but I wasn’t interested in playing so any cousin coming to me with a request was going back either crying or calling me mad. But now the tables have turned… I die to spend time with them but now they don’t have time. It’s for this reason that I want to advice you … try not to feel pissed off.

No one will value us if we don’t value them. It’s quid pro quo. And it’s not necessary that you want to be valued by them right now but you may require them in future. I believe that the circle of life completes itself. So try not to feel pissed off easily.

I’m not saying that you don’t have the right to space. According to me anyone in the world is entitled to his/ her own space. Anyone may require space … a break … peace … time … but that doesn’t entitle one to get rude, disrespect others.

In such a situation just stand up and go to your Bathroom or washroom. Do this even if you’re way busy … It’s much better … without saying anything rude or doing anything wrong in anger go spend time plenty of time with yourself. When you feel bit relax and calm come out.

And yes never feel bad what’s done … is done … we can’t change it … don’t feel bad once it’s done. However, one always has the scope to improve… only willingness needs to be there. 😊👍


thank you so much! this is great advice, i’ll try to keep this in mind.