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why is it that i don’t feel like I fit in with people my age and specially with people that are older than me. Most of my friends are either my same exact age or younger, most of the time when i surround myself with older people even if they’re only a few years older than me i feel weird and stupid, inexperienced, naive and immature. I can’t join their conversations cuz it seems like they’re living much different lives than me and i truly have nothing to say to them. Even when i was younger i used to hang out with even younger kids. When i was 12 my best friend was 9, it’s always been like this. There’s people my age that i get along well with but then there’s other people that even tho we are both the same age seem older to me and more intimidating. I’m 18 btw. I just started college and i seriously don’t know what i’m doing at university i feel like i should still be in high school and i rlly wish i could go back :(

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Being child again is a dream of many young ppls😇

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