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Why is it so difficult to get over someone??

6 replies

Maybe because you have been attached to the person for a long time and your life was with him
It’s gonna take time till you are back again to yourself and move on
But eventually you will 🙏🏽
Take your time through this what you have been through is hard don’t go hard on yourself
And you’ll be okay again very soon ❤️


I understand… we are both right people and wrong timing… can’t seem to do anything about it…wanna get over him… but really can’t seem to…


Don’t rush yourself take all the time you need to process what’s happening
The idea of being both right persons but wrong timing must be real hard as there’s no specific reason
But it’s okay I’m sure it’s for the best for you
With time the pain will go away
Just fill your time and do your best and you’ll get better hopefully 🙏🏽


Thanks so much!


He is like an addiction! I get high when we corresponds and so low when he doesn’t! Funny as it seems to be… but he is a real pain!


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