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I met a guy in aug 2018 and got married in november
We dated fr 2 months and we did our roka and all.
This guy he used to be so supportive and used to motivates me in life for my career and my desires…i was happy because these are qualities a partner should have…to love each other …understand eachother …support eachother and respect their choices.
…i was getting everything from him before marriage …infact he was the one who proposed me for marriage and i wasnt ready so early as i wanted to make my career and support my mom as she is single parent …he told me u can do it post marriage also …that he and i will make our careers post marriage and live amazing life.
After 3th or 4th day of marriage he said he is nt comfortable with me working outside…
All i had to do is cooking and bed pleasures…my life ended…i couldnt go down alone fr a walk also…even if i am.talking on phone to anyone …he will b there and nt leave me alone…his mother told me once her one of the oldest pandit said …i should stay away from my mother because my mother will ruin my life and eat my happiness…
I gave up everything…my career, my family ,my friends, my lifestyle , my happiness, still my husband use to fight and use to call me emotionless ,cold hearted , and he will go for sanyas and all.
And noone cared that everyday i was crying and dieing iniside .
Why in this generation also people think girls are only fr cooking and bed pleasures
Why they cant make careers and love her parents post marriage
Why she cant visit her paternal families
Why she always have to wait fr permission???

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I think I have an idea
Since i don’t know everything about you have to sit down and predict every outcome.I can guarantee it will work but you need to bring out from him his best.

Sit down with your husband (Sober and he should have plenty of time on his hands)
Ask him what he thinks of you and what he wants for you and what he wants from you.
Tell him you love him.
Ask him if he loves you.
Ask him what love is.
Ask him if he wants you to be happy.
Tell him you feel pain because of the way you are living.
Tell him that you want to be with him.
Ask him what he would do if you disappeared.
Tell him if he is protecting you because he can’t take the pain of losing you.
Isn’t he only protecting his heart ?
Isn’t he also causing someone else pain for his sake.
Isn’t it a Little greedy that he is doing that.
Tell him you won’t leave him.
But you want him to do the right thing.
Cause that is what love is doing what your meant to do. Saving the goodness in someone no matter how hard it is.

As far you mother-in-law she needs to know that you mom taught you how to Smile. How can she ever ruin your life.

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Aarti @aarti_sharma

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