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why I can’t be happy?
I’m trying to do my best with people and things but I’m not happy neither they are, is it okay to pretend that everything is fine??

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Hey I understand what you are going through , i would like to say that it’s ok sometimes to let go of things you are trying hard to make things right and its getting more messed up just stop breathe and let things go as they are going. you are being too harsh on yourself everything happening will stop and also you don’t have to pretend everything is fine its okay to feel low take time breathe shut your eyes go hug your mother don’t rush give time :)


Let it out
talk to someone
what the problem
learn more about yourself.
who is the reason?

if you knew the answer to this then lose those people and love yourself more and let your feeling out, talk to someone. you can always talk to me


I know exactly how you feel and tbh they only way out of this situation is to let go.
Let go of anything that makes you anxious, it’s going to be difficult yet liberating. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve your purpose.
To answer the question of whether it’s okay to pretend… ITS NOT and never will be.
Take your time understand yourself and your needs. Make peace with your thoughts.
Your peace exists within you and I hope you find it.

All the best!

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