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Rosy @rosy1

Why everyone’s getting married all of sudden like why what’s the rush and not all of them are love some are arranged. But why I don’t think I am that stable in life but how come everywhere I see people getting married or pregnant or buying house like what did I missed. What did I do wrong. I’m so done. My parents are not even asking me to get married yet. They said I still have 2 years. I got my heart broken almost 2 years ago and I’m still struggling to move on but how come it’s so easy for everyone else. Just make it make sense.

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suraj kumar @008sr

Let them married!! Just live your life and try to move on!! I’m also trying hard!! Be happy and stay strong!!🤝

Rosy @rosy1

I’m trying so hard but this social media is keep on popping with couple photos everyday making me crazy


ooh dont get married
there is more to life than getting married
have fun
go out with friends
eat good foods
meditate and workout
take care of yourself
and you will find love again have faith and it will be perfect trust me.

Rosy @rosy1

I moved back with my parents recently still have to meet people around here. So will see if I able to make friends or not


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