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Why everyone say us to stop crying? Sometimes we really need it right? Like if we are trying to let everything out and move on then there comes people saying us no to cry.why everyone has to see me as a pushover? Dont i seem like a human to them? I just want them to respect my feelings,iam a human too.i get hurt,i cry,i get angry too.dont they concern you?please let me cry it out.its been 16 years i have been controling it.let me do what i want to.please stop pointing out your fingers.will you? getting a lot of insecurities.please stop it.

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Shivay @shivay2595

Cry cry cry. Cry all you want. Waise bhi koi hai nahi apne logo ke aasun pochne wala. So it’s better to cry and feel light

Zak Puckett @ztothephour

i’d say cry, minimize vocalizing the ‘why’. tears just mean you care,and kind of alive n stuff

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