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Aakifah @kifah

Why does it feel like I don’t have any true friends
Like no one cares
Like there is no colour in my world
As if everything just isn’t for me
As if no one cares if I am alive or dying
Maybe I don’t deserve it
Maybe I am not worth it

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Stranger @alpa

Maybe you are worth more than that and maybe they don’t deserve you or maybe there’s someone out there waiting for you to meet who loves you cares for you and values you !!
You are beautiful and amazing sweetheart ❤️

Aakifah @kifah

I don’t think so
I just wish I had someone to talk to freely

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Stranger @alpa

You can talk to me if you want

Fazzilet @zamy2323

Why do i feel like you are reading my heart…

Aakifah @kifah

Sorry you felt that too
I hope we find our ppl


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