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Gurpreet Singh @fugitive

Why do we think about happiness so much??
Let’s put it this way,
When do you think about taking breath? Not generally, yeah? Happens involuntarily. But we think about air and breath when we’re suffocating.
Now, why are we thinking about happiness so much?

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Max @generalllyepic

I’d like to think of happiness as the journey and not the destination. Because I’m never satisfied with the destination so if I think my happiness is the destination, I always think I have to go elsewhere to find happiness. But what I learned was that, along the way to my destination, I meet my friends, I hang out with family, I attend party’s, I play with pets, and I travel on my way to my destination. So when I reached my destination, I simply took a step, then I look forward to my journey to the next step. Look at life as a journey, happiness is defined by the experiences you create on the way to your goals.


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