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Why do people use gay as a derogative term? It’s really common for children to say, “You’re so gaaay!” as an insult. It just drives me NUTS!! And when the kids say, like, “Hey, guys, look! I’m Autistic!” and then they groan and drool. They’re very racist and terrible. I’m not in a class with the worst one, but all of my friends are and they complain about it daily.

One of my friends has a brother with epilepsy, and the kids in the class all flop on the floors. They pretend to have seizures in front of her and people laugh about it. She always says, “When my brother had a seizure and there was an ambulance on our lawn, I wasn’t laughing, I was in my room crying.”

Why are people idiots???

Post anonymously?

I believe that schools (for a fact colleges too, but colleges aren’t used for learning we have to learn ourselves but schools have the responsibility to shape our future) don’t teach us good things or life lessons in order to educate for the better but only textbook knowledge. And students who are young don’t know the meaning to gay or lesbian but rather use it as something fun. Now there are 2 types of people using it, ONE to insult the other person (if that one is one of these) or TWO just for fun which should ideally remain between those friends (nothing wrong in it). However using it publicily can harm people’s sentiments.

India i am talking about, we aren’t aware and don’t wish to be one but use anything which we come across till the time we realize what we did. It’s sad to see people making fun of things which aren’t fun for others. We fail to understand the value to these things and can do whatever we want like. In these cases, we must stand up and speak for ourselves to make their mouth shut than complaing and hiding away. Because that’s the only solution to it.


Thank you. I do try that, but I suppose It’s not working. I’ll do all I can. Someday, this will all stop (knock on wood).


You can only try on your part to educate someone who is doing wrong by providing with valuable information. Same goes with me.
When each one of us start to do our bit, it will become a better place with a better mindset. The thing is people don’t want to help but complain all day.