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Someone @a_n_ynomous1675

Why do people start smoking in depression and anxiety… really why selfharm isn’t an option. And never gonna be a option… if you want mental peace or satisfaction… invest the money of buying cig in yoga, meditation or helping other atleast fire closure… Guys you have problems then remember you are creating more health problems for future…

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Any addiction is based on instant gratification. Smoking and drinking - the immediate effects are calming people (short term ) and people like it. With time you get attached to it. It’s a human nature to prefer short term gratification vs long term side effects and damage

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Dreamer @aheadofthecurve

There are many variables around here, firstly the person is depressed so he/she wants to feel a little bit of joy

Smoking/drinking provides instant gratification , but is only a short term solution, as you’re not fixing the root cause

But in that moment when you just feel lost and empty you make that choice , it is not a wise choice , but it is a choice forced upon by the situation you’re in , which they regret the following day!

If you really wanna understand someone , start by understanding their situation first , why they do what they do!

Ofc we have a choice to meditate and do yoga , but at this point I have lost all my willpower and I don’t really have control over my actions!!

So if you have a friend who’s depressed and started smoking/drinking , don’t just ask them to completely stop it , be with them support them to the point where they have enough willpower to control their actions!!


But we can’t generalise people. Not everyone chooses self harm. Some chooses self help and self motivation too to get out of depression

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