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Why do people not care about me? I often think of this. I am friendly, polite, I consider myself a good listener. Despite this it is extremely difficult for me to make friends. Even my family doesn’t care to ask how I am.
I don’t understand if it’s my personality (which is actually very accommodating of other people’s needs) is so repulsive?
I am really puzzled with this. Does anyone experience the same?

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Avi @avi

Ahh! Yes. I can absolutely relate to this. Being the elder child in the family, I am as often neglected sometimes when I feel that I also need some attention from my family.
During school time, I was not able to make any good friends because I was an average scorer.
Things like this happen. I would suggest you, be focused on the goal which you have prepared for yourself, and if not, start finding one and everything will fall in like you want ;)


Hi Avi! Thanks for the reply. I too am the elder child and feel this way. Can you believe that I informed them of a new job in our group chat and no one congratulated me? It was only when I directly messaged my mom that she congratulated me.
As for friends, I have tried so hard but I end up getting hurt all the time. It’s even harder when you live in another country.
It sounds good with a goal. It’s difficult being couped up in the house all the time (because of Covid) I wish it was easier to do stuff.

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Avi @avi

I can understand. Start ignoring these things, even I have started doing the same. Just remember, things will fall in place eventually. Karma will do its work…😇


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