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Why do people come into my life. Say they love you, I feel their vibe, fall in love with them and they just say we don’t have future together. Either they have their own plans or too scared for marriage. Why me? This is happening for the 2nd time. I feel like crying n crying n crying. Why nobody wants to fight for me?

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Sansthita @sansthita

Awww sweetheart. I feel your pain. It’s horrible when people promise to stay and then they don’t. I feel your pain so hard. But don’t worry darling, there is still hope for all of us. Sending you love and hugss


Same. 3 times with me too. Imagine, the 3rd time my heart got broken was just few days before the wedding when my ex said ‘I don’t see the future quite good for us’. Bro ! Seriously ! But else could I do then letting go.


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