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why do people change???//like the person you were closest to will distant themself and we don’t know who they are’s always you who makes efforts to save your relationship be love or friends and the other person didn’t even realize that they’re hurting us

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people are the worst. they change and do weird stuff without realizing. but were people too so… sometimes even when we try to ignore it we have something to do with it too. something i hate more than anything is 1 being with an oblivious person who never realizes what their doing hurts and 2 me hurting someone without realizing and them not telling me. talk to them. and dont be scared. usually the problem isnt they hate you but they dont care enough to realize theres a problem. not in a bad way but ykwim. if you bring up ur problem if they love you enough theyll do whatever it takes to change it. try it it always works for me.

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