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Why do parents always have trouble with their children, why do they never let their child to communicate freely even with her female frnd, y do they wanna spy, y are they so much strict , im 19 now and I’m facing the same since 15. Y do they always expect me to be in their control πŸ˜•. Ahh I’m.really depressed the way my parents treat me.

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Simran @st1199


Indian parents are always like this. It’s rare whose parents let their child do everything freely and are able to communicate with them as a friend.

But at the same time its important to take control of their child as these are the ages when we tend to do something which we shouldn’t and learn from our mistakes. However sometimes parents don’t let us fall and try to caution us beforehand.
I am older to you and I still do have restrictions and I can’t really do anything till the time I get independent or move to Hostel/PG. So, you have to accept the fact that you got these parents and have to work as they say till you too get outside home.


M sharing some stuff…this may help u nd ur parents in understanding.


Yes ! This happens because of the way they were grown up . Generation gap makes this . Ofcourse some parents can understand the present days and can move accordingly but not all the parents . Try be close with them and be with them more time and make them understand how the present days are and explain your feelings to them . It takes time but I feel this can help u out … Be happy anyway


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