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why do parents always find the need to insult their children? i’m sure that this does not only go for me but for others as well. do parents just not realize that their words actually take a toll on our self confidence as well as our feelings? why is it so hard for them to understand that we too are allowed to make mistakes and irrational decisions in life?

people always tell me that parents say these things to us because it’s β€œtough love” or they just want us to become better people. in my case, i refuse to believe it as my parents’ words and insults really do hurt me as if they never wanted me in the first place after all. saying that parents just want the best for us as an excuse for them hurting our feelings and sprouting out hurtful words is absolutely rubbish, as it is exactly the last thing i want to hear from other people. my parents always make me feel like the worst daughter they could have ever asked for. i’ve always tried to make them proud especially with my academics and extra-curricular activities but nothing ever seems to work for them.

is this a normal feeling? or is it just me :(

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Dhaaranee.k @dhaaranee


Hey, even I have faced the same situation many times I had my parents body shaming me and passing comments on how I look which took away all my confidence , but eventually when u keep all ur parents thoughts and the way they hurt you away and start focusing on your skills and start accepting yourself and giving a push to ur self for becoming the best version of yourself that is when you see the reaction from your parents towards you start changing. So keep all the criticism away and start utilizing ur time to become the best version of urself . 😊😊


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