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Why do looks have a strong impact on how we see the other person. As much as want to deny this fact I just cannot. I have a habit of talking to strangers online and I kid you not most of them are really intelligent, Witty, thoughtful, courageous, tolerant and what not… But almost all of them are not good looking. Such people are lonely in real life ( by lonely I mean they never got any serious attention by the opposite gender in real life), this is the primary reason they come to those places…not all of them but most of them. I on the other hand have met people in real life who are really good looking but are superficial, have no though process, intolerant and dumb. I’m not trying to degrade anyone but what I’m saying that why do looks matter so much? Now some of you are gonna say that they don’t really matter if we love the other person… But you and i we both know that they are the first thing we notice in a person when we look at them the first time. So… When i chat with strangers online I feel really attracted to them incase they happen to attract me… Due to their behaviors, thought process and all but if I see them and see how they look, it changes my entire image of how I see them as a person… I feel so disgusted about the fact that why do looks matter for me so much…please tell me how do I get rid of this mindset. I’m tired of this thing I want to love people and be attracted to them for who they are as a person and not because of how they look. And talking about me I myself am average looking also… But I wish looks didn’t matter at all not even in the first place.

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You can never get rid the the impact that physical appearance can bring to a relationship. It’s in human nature. We not only judge humans but also other species too on their appearance. But accepting that it dose have an effect of your relationship with someone is a great step in it self. We all know that apprentice plays a big or at least a small role in our perspective of a person and we can’t change it as it is in our human nature…so instead we can change our definition of what is being attractive…Instead of Judging someone of the things that they can’t choose to change how about we judge them on matters that can be changed about their appearance. Cause having a good idea of what looks good and what doesn’t on a person says a lot about them. For instance if a person is below average looking but is dressed and presented neat and clean it says that they are very self aware and have accepted that fact that something can’t be changed so let’s just change that things that can be changed…they often are positive thinkers and like to concentrate on the good side of others.
So don’t feel that judging people on they apprentice is wrong but instead know that judging people on the things that are not possible for them to change about their appearance is wrong.


Because at first it’s the only thing we notice. We cannot notice someone’s thoughts and intelligence so we just see what’s obvious looks but then when we talk to them get to know them looks don’t really come into the picture much. The only thing we should do at the beginning is not make the person in front insecure because of it. And not form a strong opinion only based on looks


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