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Lia @leelia

Why do i have to hurt for you to feel okay?
this question has been running through my mind as it reminds me of a certain someone who’s supposed to be happy for me, who should be the 1st one to want me to succeed yet he hates it, he hates me not being as miserable as he is, he hates me for achieving what he gave up on, how’s that my fault? why must i feel guilty?

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No one should feel guilty on others action and reaction towards them

Guilt comes from understanding about a terrible thing that we have done to others

But who is to judge whether its terrible or not ??

When you are happy by your decisions and the person who respects your decision and reacts the same way

You are over it and you will do fine

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Lia @leelia

I don’t feel guilty, but this person wants me to feel guilty for being more successful than them,that person is my dad. He’s mad i got into college bc he never did, he’s mad bc i’m happier living my life, he’s mad at my mom cuz she’s the one who has the money. Shouldn’t a parent want the best for their children, why does he not want me to do well? i never understood. I haven’t done anything wrong, all i’ve done is try my best while i had the support of my mom who always believed in me. I don’t know why he’s mad at me for that. I know i didn’t do anything wrong so i have no sense of guilt, why would i feel bad for being okay? my only problem is i don’t understand why he doesn’t want that for me…

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I would just say you are in a toxic environment …
Go somewhere to a place where you will feel peaceful and return back once you are over with all these dilemmas
You will do fine

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