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Lia @leelia

Why do i do when i know someone’s lying to my face? I don’t feel hurt by these lies bc they don’t affect me directly, they just kind of lie about their family, their friends, what they do on holidays they never actually go to, and stuff like that. I just feel kind of disappointed and, like, if someone can lie to you about these things so easily, they could lie about anything right? how am i supposed to trust them then?
I don’t like this feeling but i don’t want them to get hurt if i confront them about it. I get the feeling they’re just saying stuff to make their life sound better and cooler and i feel sorry that they feel the need to do that, that they don’t think they’re enough.

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A_part_of_Cosmo... @apartofcosmos

Okay I think u should talk to them, no one lies for nothing, as u said they think that they feel they are not enough, if those are your precious people, reach them, talk to them… And try to communicate that… It’s not always like oh shit he/she lying, betrayed me…etc etc trust is not only about truth it’s about dependency too… If you want the trust we have to do the same to them …

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jasmine @jasmine12



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