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Why do everyone says living is better than death
I mean, isn’t death and living should be the choice of that individual, wether he wants to continue his journey or not

I mean what’s so great about living
Living daily with mouth shut, without power to do anything or change anything

I think we all are valuing life a million times more than what it’s worth

2 replies

Because life gives you experiences that death won’t honey. What do we know about death? Nothing! Once you’re gone you aren’t experiencing anything right. But when you’re alive you can feel things. Happiness sadness pain excitement anger all of it. Everyone here is trying to experience life, trying to make their story.


You don’t have to keep your mouth shut or confine your life. Sure there are so many things that are beyond your control that doesn’t mean you stop working on the things that are in your hands… You paint your story. It’s on you which way you want to take it.


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