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Why do all men think of me as a sex partner?

I don’t like having sex, it’s weird and it’s no fun.

Everytime I met someone I thought they like me because he thinks I’m beautiful or because of my personality.

But after days of dating they want to fuck me, kisses are good but more than that isn’t. I don’t bother going to their places but IT DOESN’T MEAN I WANT TO FUCK THEM -_-


What kind of BOY is that?.

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Cz they think your are in true love with them only when u have sex with them I heard this from my male friends many times . We need to inform them before entering intlo the relationship that we are not interested in sex . True one will understand you . Even now make them understand that ur not interested instead of going for another partner cz we will face this with everyone . If he still couldn’t able to understand then better you avoid him . Cz what I feel is sex is beautiful moment it needs both the partners intrest and love towards it . I feel this to say . Be happy anyway


i have had my fair share of experiences with these kinds of problems so just telling what i think would help,
First of all, not wanting to have sex is completely you choice its okay if you dont want that.
if you have been having these experiences with all your recent relationships i think you should talk to your respective partner about it in the initial phase and be very clear about your stand.


The dating culture has become such! I can understand what you are going through… it is very frustrating! Especially when you are looking for a partner to confide in and be romantic with not just sexual… I waited it out and met a good guy … but I went through my share of douchebags tooo! Hang in there <3


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