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Sophie @sophiehope

Why did I have to fall in love. It hurts so much. This pain is unbearable. I hope I never fall in love again so I never have to feel this way. My heart doesn’t need to be broken all over again. I hate myself but I’m stuck with myself so I need to start appreciating me. Nobody else is going to be here for me I just have myself. I don’t see a point in doing this again. My love with him didn’t even last a long time so why am I hurting so much. I hate my mind for not letting me forget and move on. Also I hate my mind for thinking I have moved on but only for instances then it all comes back to me.

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Akanksha Dash @22noor

Love is never bad, it’s the most beautiful feeling. It’s the trust that was broken. It’s the memories. It’s the efforts that’s hurting us. It’s okay to fall in love and it’s okay if it doesn’t work out. Let’s say some heart breaks to happily ever after right ? It’s all gonna be fine okay ? May the force be with you. Build yourself. I’m sure you build yourself again. Here with you in your tough times

Chris @boredaf123


Chris @boredaf123

Moving on isnt gonna be easy. Its going to be painful . Just know that moving on will give you a chance to fall in love again with a new person and you can give him your 100 percent.


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