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Why cant my mom be supportive or happy for me once .
she is always I mean always making everything about her she thinks she is the only one suffering but she is the one hurting me, I don’t complain about anything to her ,I look after myself and also that is a problem I am trying to be independent and that makes her so offended, I don’t even talk back to her .
she always complained about my father not supporting her (he was terminally ill and he passed away 2 years back) and yes I agree my father wasn’t supporting her but she can support us but she is doing the exact same thing to me and somehow I am the one who has problems.
I am looking after myself since I’m 18 and now I am 20 I have a good job I even give her major part of my salary she didn’t even appreciate me once . All I ever wanted to do since school is go to a good college with my friends but I sacrificed it and gone to a job and I am taking my degree online but no one sees it no one appreciates it .
not even bothering whether I am okay or not
all she does is criticize me taking away my freedom
she used to beat me up whenever I just snapped about it I was going through so much in my life its so hard keeping it together so when she give me a hard time sometimes I cant control it I just snapped and she didn’t even try to understand my pain.
even though she doesn’t try to understand at least let me be happy let me go
All I want is to be free and away from her
she is the one who had driven me away so I had grown apart from my parents I don’t show affection that makes me uncomfortable. I have social anxiety , PTSD ,depression , overthinking my parents messed me up bad they may have didn’t mean to but they did and I am trying to heal but my mom is not making it easy.
I just want to be away from her

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Go to therapy.
And your Mum needs it too.
Ur Mum’s behaviour is kinda the sign of PTSD too.

Think bout it.


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