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Why cant I just be happy
why I am so anxious ,sad and bitter all the Time
why am I overthinking every damn thing.
I cant anymore make it stop
I just want to be peaceful and I am trying so hard
why I am like this
there is always weight in my chest
I want it gone
I deserve to be happy and peaceful I went through so much
I cant I just cant anymore please make it stop 🥺😭

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Mayank @mayankch91

You can only make yourself happy


I am trying I am trying so hard but I just cant stop this overthinking and anxiety

Mayank @mayankch91

Find a new reason to be happy


I have reason to be happy i have a great boyfriend who loves me
i have a good job
but I cant get rid this anxious feeling off of my chest
you dont understand
its easy to say be happy
find a reason
the truth is i am trying so hard

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