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why can´t i be good at maths?

2 replies

Everyone will tell you that maths is all about practice and focus. You can practice a lot, but it still maybe won’t change a thing. So don’t push yourself or make pressure. That is the worst thing to do. What you need to is calm down, sort your priorities. Do you like maths or you just need it so your gpa will be good? If it is just because of the school then start doing some exercises and write down all the things that you don’t understand. Then go to Khan academy, YouTube or any other platform and start doing some research. Or ask your teacher. Trust me there is nothing to be ashamed of. The sooner you realise it, the sooner everything will get better. Sure you have to give some time and effort, but I believe it is all in your mind. If you constantly tell yourself that you are not good, then you will start to believe it. It’s vortex. Think like this “I can do it, I am smart enough, I am good enough, there is no shame”. Focus and things will work out. I struggled with math for about 6 months plus I go to school specialised for maths and the pressure was huge. But I accepted things the way they are. I may not be the best in class,but damn right I am going to be my best self. My grades and a lot of other things were really bad, but I started to think that I don’t care, but I will try my hardest, I will stay on this path and be stubborn and after a while my grades are much much better. I hope this helped you a bit and trust me I understand you. :)

Somya Singhal @somyasingha...

It’s okay to not be good at something. Do whatever you like or you’re best at. Don’t stress over it. Trust me marks, grades doesn’t matter at all. During school time we used to worry about marks and pressure from family to perform better then came college life again worried about all this stuff. But when you’ll pass it and see the past you’ll realize it doesn’t matter at all. When you go for a job in companies they don’t look for grades at all just your skills.
If you have an interest in maths personally take baby steps, give yourself time to process topics, also don’t just jump to calculate correct answers understand the concepts.
There is nothing one can’t do its just about time.
Good luck!!!


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