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Why are some guys so complicated. Its high time to normalize that showing your emotions does not make you weak in any way. one day you care so much and the next day you are not even bothered. You message me voluntarily and then you don’t even reply for 4 days or even more than that. You do not even open the message forget about replying. What kind of mood swings are these really pissing me off these days. And then eventually blaming me that I never message. Ugh Like with what thought in mind is someone doing this, That if I will not reply so the girl will come behind me .God which era are you living in. Urging people to be atleast clear with their thoughts and feelings. Be straightforward . Don’t waste someone else’s time with this kind of bullshit. I am so frustrated. I don’t even like this behavior and maybe you too anymore. Its gonna be done soon…

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I can relate to this a lot. Relationships are supposed to be about mutual love and efforts. When you love someone dearly, you can ignore every flaw and bad thing they do. It’s not right but you can’t make yourself give up. My advice is to tell him how you’re feeling and what is causing a problem. If he really cares about you, he will do something about it. If he doesn’t, you need to leave him. Just remember one thing, let go of assumptions. Communication is key and you should talk to him.
Hope this helps.🙂


Thanks alot for this, I told him what I feel and its sorted.


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