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Why are people racist?.. as a black girl sometimes it’s hard to survive at school. Some people say the n-word as a joke even when they aren’t black(I don’t really think anyone should say it… whether white or black… but that’s just my opinion)… and some of the girls act like they are doing me a favour by being my friend and act like they are better than me cuz they are white.
And now it’s like a stereotypical trend that all black women are thick and I’m not thick at all… I know I’m still growing but I don’t think my body would become as thick as those women on Instagram… and I get made fun of for being less thick or being skinny… one guy (a black guy) even asked me what went wrong with me because every black women are thick and I’m just flat… and that really made me insecure… Or when I let my hair out(I have 4b kinky hair) people look at me or ask if they could touch my hair and when I say no… they act very rude to me. I’m just really tired of all these things :(

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There is nothing wrong with you babe, you’re beautiful and gorgeous, regarding those Instagram girls let me tell you most of the pictures are photoshopped and you’re still growing so chill your body will change drastically because it happened with me too. Let people say what ever they want to because their opinion doesn’t matters what you think about you self is way more important, love yourself unconditionally because no one else will and always remember it doesn’t matter if your thick or thin, black or white because what matters is the size of your heart and the strength of your character. Just be nice, kind and sweet to others and you will actually be the most beautiful person anyone can ever meet and never let your esteem down just because someone said something about you and study hard, this will help you built your character, because I guess your knowledge gets you what ever you want more than the way you look and last advice from a stranger start enjoying your own company, because a lady who knows what she is bringing to table isn’t afraid to eat alone !!

I hope you have a great day !❤❤


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