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Why are girls so unpredictable.
I have been talking to a girl for a while and now i like her, i have been caring for her always, sweet to her and even did things what she felt good about. But no she never takes me seriously because i am kind.
What she is into is a toxic, idiot and a fu*kin cheat old friend of her’s. She likes him. I even told her to persue her liking and tell the guy but that guy ignores her and when she is upset i am there for her.
I get upset sometimes and stop talking to her but then she texts back, and then i think everything is fine and she again starts being online and not replying. I am soo fucking confused.
Why are girls like that?

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

I dont know, girls think that maybe. But nobody can change a cheater or a toxic personality unless they really want to. And most of the dudes dont. Thats why there is a quote " once a cheater always a cheater"


I guess stop being there for everyone.
You should be there for someone who really respects your care and love!!
Everyone goes through some or other things but every time you can’t be there for her you too have your own life man!!
Be there for her when it’s actually needed not every time and find some or talk to your old friends


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