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One Sided LoveThought


why am unhappy ? coz she doesnt love me . . . dont you think am a idiot who is sad , lonely, depressed cause he is not getting the things which he want. . who is always changing himself for only that girl. . who always feared how to continue the conversation, what if she is bored, what if she lose interest on me. . Wont I have any responsibility towards the family. . Is love that much big ? what if she is different then i ever even imagined . . Why that much of stubborn for only that girl ? Arent i sacrificing my parents dreams who sacrifice their life theirs need when i asked for them ? what if my parents think and how much will they get hurt ever imagined that ?
The things i can only change is the way of thought in my mind. There are 7 billions in earth and why am crying for only that girl. Is she that much beautiful where i have to sacrifice all my happiness Definetly No , am wont getting change. .Now i will again search for the happiness . does she was with me when i was in school ? NO, wasn’t i happy when i was in school ? Then why am feeling depress. . .Life is beautiful if i find happiness in small things and if i stop expecting anythings from other. .
Well am trying hard to heal myself. .One day i will have a happy life .I will be happy with my partner Then there will be no memories of her. . ya i know i will laughed thinking how much stupid i was . . and what the things i done for only keeping my love. .
and I started imaging the good things and the goods things already started to happen . .today am feeling my room is much brighter then yesterday , Today i feel the sun yes it is beautiful today i smell the flowers yes they have pleasant smell. Today the dishes are much delicious . . yes i am changing . . yes am feeling positive. . .

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