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Why am I still thinking about my Ex? I was in love with my best friend for 2 years but it never went further, because it just wouldn’t work out. (We both had feelings for each other but we were living to far apart from each other.) I tried to move on from that and met someone I really liked, but after a half-year dating I noticed that this wasn’t working. A few month later my best friend moved to me and we began to come closer. I always loved him and never really stopped. We are finally together 5 month now and I’m really happy. I have finally, what I wished for the last 2 years but why am I still thinking about the last guy. I always thought it wasn’t really love and I just tried to forget my best friend. But he is not going out of my head. I think about him a lot and i don’t know why. I never thought you could love two people at the same time, but to be honest i’m not so sure anymore. I really need help with that.

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a conflict is possible. when one doesn’t know what is possible… love and sexuality isn’t linear. however, your partner needs to know that you have feelings for both at the same time. A lot of people are in polyamorous relationships but if in your mind you need to choose one, then only you can take that decision. you can decide on the basis of which person is better for your wellbeing, who cares for you and makes you feel happy and good.


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