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Why am i seen as your sex toy? Don’t you think me as a human being? Dont you see i have life? Dont you see i have emotions? Dont you see i am trying to be humble and gentle? Just because of being gentle, you should never use me for your needs. Why did you do that when i was on a facetime with you? Is that my mistake to trust you? I opened up my sufferings. You kind of made me feel good about me. But was that all just drama to get what you want? You broke the last piece of hope that i had on humanity. I feel like i would to die of shame. Did i ask you to be my frnd? You dont know how a soul longing for hope reacts even to your fake words. That soul will think it true and gets dejected all over again. Why am i suffering a lot with none to share with.? My solitude is changing into loneliness. I wanna leave this Earth, atleast to escape this shitty reality

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Pranjali @pranjalihanda

Hey buddy, I absolutely see the pain behind these words and the situation you’re facing makes the pain even obvious. But don’t you think it is telling you the shitty reality of this world and giving you more power to learn to heal and stay happy by your own??? You are not supposed to be w that person anymore who make you feel this bad. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE than that person ever made you feel. See, such wrong stuff, toxic friendships, being mistreated happens so much but even after that we always have 2 options: to let that pain kill us or to let that pain make us mentally stronger and independent. Being lonely and happy is better than being w such a person giving toxic feels. You are love, not a sex toy! Let the world treat you that way. If world doesn’t do, do it yourself! We can’t deny the fact that people are mean, but we can accept the fact that everyone isn’t mean. And talking about leaving earth, you didn’t come here to be treated badly and leave instead you are here to make a difference by doing your dreams, being kind, treating people good or even just by existing, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Please have faith in yourself, in Beautiful people who still exist and in god who’ll never give up on you. You are stronger than you think and I love you!


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