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Cass @atlas_

Why am I not myself when I’m sober? Why do I need to be fucked to be happy? Why do I need a cross-fade to feel free?
Every day from August til yesterday I was sober and it was the worst I’ve felt in years.
If I’m sober I’m so depressed I can’t get up. I finally have a goal, I finally don’t want to die. Why do I have to be destined to a life of depravity?

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Cass @atlas_

I literally said I don’t want to die? What the fuck is your problem?


Trust me I am sober from the day I was born and life’s just becoming more and more shittier for me but buddy you have to accept first this is the first stage accept everything accept the reality and then just become busier that you don’t get time to think do certain activities and if you have friends then you’re lucky hangout with them daily even though you don’t want it at the initial period if you have money then you’re double lucky use it to make you happy eat shop do something out of your comfort zone but don’t waste it start to invest too divide it accordingly go to gym or do something for your body and at night listen to the music and write something that your innermost voice tells you anything from negative to positive also meditation helps seriously I have been doing this for 2 weeks it makes my voices in head go all silent try that out. And you said you have goal biggest plus point to make your life little less pathetic at night when people overthink a lot think about your goal. Don’t give up do these all even if you feel exhausted mentally physically just don’t give up.


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