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Why am I not good enough?
People have at least one quality that makes them unique. I have been thinking a lot recently and couldn’t find even one. It is kinda depressing. I can list out all my weaknesses. The first one is my speaking skills. I have embarrassed myself so many times, I am really afraid now.
And I have been told that I am annoying. So now I try to talk less but it makes me feel lonely. I don’t have friends.
I am getting really disturbed nowadays… help me get out of this

Post anonymously?

I wish so much I had advice for you. I am in the same boat, however.


You know what I think? The fact that you are sensitive and kind and a good human being is what makes you unique. That is the quality that stands out for you. Don’t let superficial and materialistic qualities bother you. All that matters in the end is, being a good human being.