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PrinceJ @adonisprince79

Why am I not able to move on from her? Like It’s not even that. I am sad about the fact of how it could have been!! Like I know it shouldn’t matter that much cause it didn’t happen, but the fact that I had her in my life and lost her is hurting me more than anything.

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Ziizii @zia_24

It’s Ok! You love her! You loved her so muchh and now this heartbreKing news is eating you up! After breakup it would be hella hard to move on! It is based on how much you used to love her! As much as i know you i think you will take month’s to move on but it’s ok! Don’t think about why she is gone? It will make you regret again and again! Try chanding your scedule and try remembring only good memories with her~ Love her and wish her only happiness! I wish you will get the better person who will love you back thebway you used to do someone! Don’t loose hope! Be happy!


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