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Who says true love doesn’t exist?
Parvati took 108 rebirths,
Shiva waited millions of years for her
She did tapasya for 3000 years
Lots of struggles, and then finally
The multiverse got to witness the world’s first love marriage.❤️

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Life of Me! @zippy_potato_...

And that is how We celebrate Mahashivratri. On 8th March we are going to witness it. If you wanna experience super amazing event of Mahashivratri, watch or go Mahashivratri Event at Isha Institute. It’s a super amazing event which happens overnight with dance, music, meditation sessions. You will feel really good after that.


That’s nice.

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Karthikey @stupid_nerd

Btw do you know who was the first love of Lord Shiva?It was not Parvati ji,but it was Sati(Dakshayani),daughter of Dkash Prajapati.Sati was later born as Mata Parvati.She was actually incarnation of Sati,Lord shiva’s first love for whom he did the tandava upon her death


Yes I know😊

. @shiny_oxygen_3

Both are whole different era.It’s like comparing apples to oranges ‘na nar me koe Ram bacha naari me na koe Sita hai’


Yes you are right. Actually I wasn’t comparing, but love exists is what I was saying… Perhaps not among humans but somewhere in the divine world.

. @shiny_oxygen_3

Sorry i was not able to understand i guess


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