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Who doesn’t like waking up at goddammit 2 in the morning everyday to clean their moms shit up?? Who likes getting out of bed fucking every 2 minutes bc ur mom is scared of being alone? Who likes to be 19 and has been paying and taking care of ur younger brother and ur mom for 2 goddammit years?? Just me??? Who loves hearing ur mom cry bc she can’t “move” her body but watch her do it when ur not looking. Who loves taking care of a person bc THEY gave up and made themselves believe they are paralyzed??? Who loves being a teen girl…about to turn 20 and cant even go on a date with her bf?? Or can’t get a good night sleep. Or who loves to hear their little brother say ur mother is making him wanna kill myself. Bc she made it where he doesn’t go to school…AND makes us feel guilty for leaving the house. TRIED to walkout the house to walk. Here she is blowing our phones BC she’s scared. A thousands ppl will be at the house IIIII pay for and eat my food clog my toilet though damn cigs outside and cuss me out. But I cant say anything bc they will call ppl on me saying im mean to my mom. Or take my brother away. Im tired abd I’m gonna blow my brains out.

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